kamau haroon




Kamau Haroon


Detroit, MI

My mind is stimulated by my surroundings. I’m constantly inspired by Detroit. The vibrant colors in my work are influenced by the graffiti that blankets the abandoned homes and factories. These colors are countered by the deep and often dark emotions residing from the pain of economic downfall and poverty. With this pain comes hope and creativity- there is a balance. My art explores social paradigms, vices, and vulnerability. I use the things I see daily to create my own world where colors become emotion and people become their fears. This is my way of controlling reality through creating it. Using the “6” from the 6 Mile street I grew up on and the “mau” suffix from my first name I created the Sixmau moniker. Under this brand have begun to translate my thoughts through various avenues such as illustration, photography, and music with the goal of becoming a creative powerhouse.